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Big Antipodean Adventure….

….. starts on Monday! Me & he are off to Australia for a 5 week holiday. And I’m not remotely ready…. the main problem is that we have a friend staying in the house (mainly to feed the cat) while we’re gone, and I recently looked around with a stranger’s eye and realised I should … Continue reading

False eyelashes, sweetie wrappers and disconnection…

… a bit of a rant about the modern teenager! I supervise young folk while they traipse around the country on the expedition section of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. This involves them walking for 7 or 8 miles a day, for either two or three days (I only work with Bronze and Silver), while … Continue reading

Beginning to see the light…

This blog thing: it’s starting to make sense. Not the actual art of blogging – rambling aloud for the entire world to read is either perfectly sensible or a bit mental – but the act of creating the site itself. I’m feeling quite pleased with my progress. I’ve found a theme which seems to coincide with … Continue reading

Half-century trudge up a couple of munros

This is a retrospective from last September. I’m on Walkhighlands (a Scottish walking site) as ‘grumpy old bagger’, and although I practically never post anything, I did file a report of ‘what I did on my birthday’. Thought I’d share it here… Hmmm, what to do on your 50th birthday? The grumpy old bag decided to … Continue reading

Wandering around WordPress

Hello! I’m dipping my toes into WordPress, without the faintest idea of what I’m doing. Social media and I are not the most compatible partnership. Some years ago I attempted to Twitter, but I just can’t quite see the point. Maybe I didn’t tweet hard enough. I can work Facebook, and that’s about the extent of … Continue reading


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