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Wandering around WordPress


I’m dipping my toes into WordPress, without the faintest idea of what I’m doing.

Social media and I are not the most compatible partnership. Some years ago I attempted to Twitter, but I just can’t quite see the point. Maybe I didn’t tweet hard enough. I can work Facebook, and that’s about the extent of it. But it seems that anybody who is anybody has a blog, so here I am…

Today’s musings are on the lovely Scottish scenery around Aberfoyle, and more specifically the Three Lochs Forest Drive. This is on my mind primarily because I’ve just spent the day in said scenery, trying to find the Duke of Edinburgh groups I was supervising. For those who don’t know, the Three Lochs Forest Drive is a seven-odd mile long stretch of road which winds through some of Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park’s beautiful scenery. Operated by the Forestry Commission, it’s open to vehicles during the day from Easter until October. What a great idea: you can drive your granny (slowly: it’s unsurfaced) right into the heart of the forest, and stop at one of the lochside picnic benches. Have a cup of tea, breathe the piney air, embrace the stillness.

I didn’t take any pictures today as I was busy Dukie-hunting, but I’ve dug out some from previous adventures, for your delectation. They were taken last September from the Youth Campsite on the shores of Loch Achray. It was a magical morning which began with thick mist, and then slowly the far shore emerged out of the grey, and the sun pushed the clouds aside and the blue sky burst through. There was still real heat in the sun now that the dawn chill had passed, and after the Duke of Edinburgh kids had packed up and set off, we three supervisors stripped to our undies and went for a swim. A hot September morning and a mirrored loch like that – how could anybody resist? A three-minute plunge (in what turned out to be pretty cold water) soon had the midgie bites washed away, the skin tingling and the spirit soaring. It’s strange how such an incredibly simple thing can make you feel so utterly alive…

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And because the Forestry Commission have seen fit to open part of their roads to public vehicles, almost anybody can have a similar experience. The particular location in the pictures is down a fairly steep path from the roadside, but there are other more accessible shores.

Today’s journey got me wondering if there are other scenic areas of forestry which are open for the public to drive through, and if not, why not? It is, presumably, an uncomplicated thing to do – forests tend to be full of forestry tracks anyway and it surely wouldn’t be too hard to make a few of them public-friendly. Forest Drive is absolutely beautiful, and opens up the most amazing surroundings to folk with limited mobility, and families with young children, and anybody else who would have difficulty walking the miles required to see these beautiful views.


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One thought on “Wandering around WordPress

  1. Having now done the intelligent thing and looked at the Forestry Commission website, I can confirm that there are, indeed, other Forest Drives. No idea why I imagined there wouldn’t be!

    Posted by Elizabeth Angus | June 12, 2015, 8:42 pm

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