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Beginning to see the light…

This blog thing: it’s starting to make sense. Not the actual art of blogging – rambling aloud for the entire world to read is either perfectly sensible or a bit mental – but the act of creating the site itself.

I’m feeling quite pleased with my progress. I’ve found a theme which seems to coincide with how I want things to look. I’ve been able to install a slideshow photo gallery – I’m chuffed with that, because I like taking photos and it’s good to be able to inflict them on my visitors. And I’ve discovered how to add new static pages. Oh – and today’s triumph was learning to insert links. That was a buzz, I can tell you…

My main problem now is deciding what to publish. I feel as though you’ll just have to take my word for it that I’m a writer, because anything I put up here becomes instantly ineligible for submission to competitions and most magazines. Most places demand that work has not been previously published elsewhere – and that includes weblogs. However, once something has been published by a magazine or whatever, you can usually go on to do what you like with it. So I can put up one or two pieces which have already found success.

Of course, I have stacks and stacks of writing which is unlikely to ever win anything, and could be safely published here – but why would I make you read my crap stuff? You would hate it, and I’d be embarrassed, and nobody would be happy. So it looks as if the creative work I publish here will be limited.

However, I can waffle on endlessly about Stuff That Interests Me, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself reading about hillwalking, archaeology, wee beasties, other creative people, rock climbing, photography – damn near anything, really. It would be very good if I managed to entertain or inform you along the way.

And it would be lovely if people left some comments when they dropped in – I really would like to hear from you. Somebody visited yesterday from Brazil. Fantastic! I’ve no idea how they found me. Because as yet, I’ve only the haziest idea how this game works. But it’s certainly entertaining me!


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2 thoughts on “Beginning to see the light…

  1. I read your story on the wee ginger dugs page and really liked it. I’ll be sure to drop by your blog again. Thanks for the story. Claire

    Posted by Claire Reilly | June 17, 2015, 8:06 am

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