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Big Antipodean Adventure….

….. starts on Monday!

Me & he are off to Australia for a 5 week holiday.

And I’m not remotely ready…. the main problem is that we have a friend staying in the house (mainly to feed the cat) while we’re gone, and I recently looked around with a stranger’s eye and realised I should probably do housework. A lot of housework. I have now amended this plan to “stick everything in the spare room and firmly close the door”. Having got a plan, I just need to act upon it. Instead of updating the blog….

Him? He’s ready. All packed, all sorted. My half of the suitcase still gapes emptily. But at least I’ve more or less decided what to take, and my clothes are now flapping on the washing line in – miracle of miracles – the sunshine. So far, so good.

Soon, in between cleaning the bathroom and throwing armfuls of stuff into the “access denied” zone, I shall book accommodation in Melbourne. That’s the last place we still don’t have a home in, apart from a couple of places on our road trip… hmm, best get moving!

I’m half excited and half scared. I don’t like flying. Take off terrifies me. Landing terrifies me more. The bit in between’s not too bad. And this journey is going to involve a lot of flying, because once we get to Oz we’re visiting relations all up and down the east coast.

But before we get to Sydney, we’ve got three nights in Singapore…. never been south of the equator, so the whole thing’s a big adventure. I might blog my way through it…. or you may not hear from me at all until we get back!


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