Beastie photos

A collection of insects and suchlike which have obligingly stayed still long enough for me to snap them. If anybody knows what the more esoteric ones are, please tell me!

a (82)

Found this wee beauty beside the clifftop path at Arbroath, in early July 2013. I have no idea what it is…



a (35)

a (38)

This spider set up home on my van’s wing mirror in a campsite near Aberfoyle, on a sunny September morning in 2014. It was tiny – really!

a (117) - Copy

Not for arachnophobes…. a rock pool on an Orcadian beach, June 2014. The red ones are red spider mites, I think they’re properly called velvet mites – and I’m guessing the seething grey mass is their larvae, as the mites seemed more caring than aggressive.
I should add that we’re talking pinhead size here, and like most pictures on this page I’m using a macro lens. I don’t want to put you off going for a paddle!

a (11)

Isn’t this a beauty?
Big black slug in Caithness, June 2014. On the clifftop path to Badbea historic village.


emperor moth

emperor moth

Emperor moth on my front porch window, date unremembered but I recall it being fairly recent – let’s say 2013

Snail in Aberdeenshire, August 2011


IMG_1133 - Copy

Anthill with wood ants, Atholl Estate in Perthshire, October 2012

glen douglas august 2011

Luss hills, August 2011

glen douglas april 2011

Luss hills, April 2011

glen douglas april 2011

Rove beetle, Luss hills, April 2011

beinn dubh may 2011

Luss hills, May 2011

inversnaid, june 2012

Inversnaid, June 2012

This is a cleg. Clegs are the work of the devil. They bite – hard. They leave you with big, sore, itchy lumps. And they creep up behind you because they’re sneaky wee beggars. Beware of clegs….

northumbria june 2014 (16)

Northumbria, June 2014






6 thoughts on “Beastie photos

  1. Some great pics there, that looks like a cracking lens – can I ask what kit you are using?

    Posted by Mikeyboy | June 17, 2015, 10:00 am
    • Thanks very much, Mikeyboy – all taken with a Canon PowerShot A720 on macro setting. It’s a great wee camera. I’ve recently invested in a proper DSLR camera (Canon 1100D), but have yet to work out how to work it! When I do figure it out, I’ll get myself a proper macro lens because I’m a bit obsessed with close-range wildlife photography – as you can maybe tell!
      Thank you also for your kind comments on the Dug’s blog – I’m waiting for him to moderate me so I can stand up for myself 😉

      Posted by Elizabeth Angus | June 17, 2015, 10:28 am
      • http://www.dpreview.com/ – this is a great site for reviews of cameras and lenses. If I was after a new macro lens I would be tempted by the new Sigmas as they have OS (optical Stabilisation) and the price is reasonable. I have a long telephoto Sigma lens and it is very good value for money. The user reviews are very useful.

        Re WGD I like the way you engaged BTL. An excellent example.

        Posted by Mikeyboy | June 18, 2015, 9:47 am
      • Cheers Mikey, for both comments!
        I think the Sigma lenses were on my possiblity list when I did some research a wee while ago – good to hear you’ve found your one good value for money.
        That site will come in handy if I ever get the spare cash together for a lens – thanks! 🙂

        Posted by Elizabeth Angus | June 18, 2015, 7:29 pm
  2. Smashing collection!

    Posted by Sharon MacGregor | June 16, 2015, 4:23 pm

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